About Us

Boardwalk Magic is located at 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, California. Inside Neptune's Kingdom- at the epicenter of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Boardwalk Magic Shop is a place to learn the best magic tricks and illusions! We carry a curated collection of magic for beginners and a high quality line of professional magic books and props. 
Boardwalk Magic was founded by two magicians with a love of magic and technology. We feature exclusive magic tricks, toys, pranks & gags, special effects technology, instructional videos and more! 
The Boardwalk Magic Team
Doug "The Surfing Magician" Hofkins - Founder and CEO
Doug was recently featured on the front page of Santa Cruz Sentinel, which covered his work as a stage magician. Doug is a legend around the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and is known affectionately as "The Surfing Magician". Born to surf. Born to shred. Doug Hofkins delivers huge waves of magic and hilarity to audiences of all ages. For info on shows and events, please visit www.surfingmagician.com
Joshua Logan (aka @Magicology) - Founder and President
Joshua is a marketing consultant and works wonders in Product Development & Marketing. He grew up obsessing over magic store catalogs- most of which (sadly) have gone out of business. Today, as a professional magician, Joshua performs illusions for influential people at companies across the world, including Apple, Adobe, Cisco, Genentech & Edward Jones. Joshua acts as a writer and special effects consultant for artists on TV, Youtube, and Periscope. Follow Josh on Twitter (@Magicology).  


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