About Us

Boardwalk Magic Shop was founded at 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, California. Inside Neptune's Kingdom- at the epicenter of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

BoardwalkMagic.com orders are shipped less than a mile away at Boardwalk Magic Headquarters on Gault Street in Santa Cruz, California.

Boardwalk Magic Shop is a place to learn the best magic tricks and illusions! We carry a curated collection of magic for beginners and a high quality line of professional magic books and props. 
BoardwalkMagic.com is run by magicians with a love for magic and technology. We feature exclusive magic tricks, toys, pranks & gags, special effects technology, instructional videos and more! 
The Boardwalk Magic Team
Joshua Logan (aka @Magicology) - Shop Founder and President BoardwalkMagic.com
Joshua is a marketing consultant and works wonders in Product Development & Marketing. He grew up obsessing over magic store catalogs- most of which (sadly) have gone out of business. Today, as a professional magician, Joshua performs illusions for influential people at companies across the world, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Adobe. Joshua acts as a writer and special effects consultant for artists on Film, TV & Youtube. Follow Joshua on Twitter (@Magicology).