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BOSS by Alvo Stockman - Trick

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There are more than a few things that men and women disagree upon. And while a successful relationship ultimately finds common ground, making light of our differences is a universally funny theme.

One example, the perception of love versus sex between couples in a relationship is at the core of our pop culture's gender role definition. It's something that doesn't need explaining.

As a result of that, BOSS can jump in and create a playful debate, and mind-blowing wonder where no explanation or time-consuming back-story is needed.

What's even more exciting than the BOSS trick however, is that it sets in motion an infinite cosmic echo of sorts. A reverberating discussion that will continue for many years to come, spreading your myth as a performer.


Interested in mixing things up? Instigating a lovers' debate? AND creating utter disbelief? BOSS is a routine that will deliver.

Imagine the next time you're out, you meet a couple...

You ask if they are familiar with the psychological differences between men and women. And with a smile, you offer a "fun experiment."

In clear, capital letters you write the word "Love" on a business card in permanent marker and show it to both man and woman at the same time. Fold the card and give it to the woman to put in her pocket. Have them each think about the last time they really felt that feeling with their partner.

When they've each quietly thought of the last time, ask them to clear their minds of everything you've talked about -- have them only remember that feeling.. that warm, loving feeling.

As a final step, have the young lady giver her man a loving kiss on the cheek.

Finally, you ask them to recall the word they saw you write, The woman will indeed have seen "LOVE." Te man however, will swear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the word he saw was "SEX."

Don't worry, you don't even have to finish -- you've got a new lovely assistant who will immediately pull the card out and show her man what a "man" he really is!

The trick ends here, but the effect you've had on this couple will last long into the night and for years to come.