Silver Wonder by Victor Jamnitzky - Trick

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There really isn't a better name for this trick: The Silver Wonder. It really does produce an effect or, better, a sequence of effects, which really appears to be a miracle. Not only does something new happen every second, but everything that happens is so unbelievable that you might even think that this description is some kind of April Fool joke. But it is no joke! Please read this unbelievable effect:

The magician comes on stage empty-handed. He shows that both of his hands are empty, and suddenly a LARGE silk appears between his hands. The magician shows the silk from both sides, to show that it is hiding nothing and it is really quite clear that there is nothing there, that there is really nothing hidden behind it. He drapes the silk over his hand, and when he pulls it away, a large glittering silver bowl is in his outstretched hand!

Please, think about it: The bowl is really large, with a diameter of 9 ½" (24 cm). And it is made of a silver metal, stainless steel! Where did this bowl come from, so suddenly? This alone could be considered a miracle! But, there's still much more to come:

The magician passes the silk lightly over the bowl, and it is suddenly filled with colorful flowers! You could stop right now as well, but the miracles don't stop here. The magician shakes the flowers into a container and shows that the bowl is empty. He holds it so that the audience can clearly see the entire bowl. And then...

...Please, hold your breath here, because something happens now that you really won't believe until you actually hold this masterpiece in your hands. The large metal bowl is suddenly gone, completely gone, and the magician is now holding just a tiny fan of playing cards in his hand, which he casually drops into a top hat or other container. Standing ovations are not unexpected here!

No, the bowl is not hidden somewhere on the body, nor is it somehow spirited away. The silver bowl made of stainless steel really does turn into a small fan of cards! You simply have to set it aside. And, this totally new and very impressive effect does not require practice or sleight of hand. The clever construction of the apparatus does all the work. You can use this just as well as an effective opening trick or the great finale, or anyplace else in your program. There is virtually no preparation and the grade of difficulty is zero, for there is no difficulty at all. And to show just how versatile this trick is, here are a couple of other possibilities:

Do you also do card tricks? Then you can also do this: After the bowl is produced and the flowers have appeared, shake them out of the bowl, which you then place on the table. The elegant bowl, with its elegant embossed pattern that looks like a kind of Venetian lace, now serves as a holder for your cards after you are through with them. At the end you empty out the bowl, taking them out or tipping them out, show the bowl and - instantaneously -- without any covering and before the very eyes of the audience, you turn the bowl into a small fan of cards, which you throw in with the rest of the cards. You could never think of a better opening or finale for your performance.