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The Illusionists 2.0 by Luis de Matos
Peter Morrison: The Marrakech Magic Man by David Regal
The 46th Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show by Dustin Stinett
Black Magic, Blonde Magic by Dustin Stinett


Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
Now Performing
Lost Horizons Box Hunch by Max Maven
Eugene's Notebook Secrets by Eugene Burger
The Chamber of Secrets Thayer's Vanishing and Reappearing Lamps by John Gaughan
DaOrtiz a la Carte! More Imaginary Dice by Dani DaOrtiz
Cardopolis The Trick that Didn't Fool Einstein by David Britland
Conjuring The Drawing Power by Jim Steinmeyer
Three Coins and a Shot Glass by Jindai Nishikawa
Stranger Card by J. K. Hartman
Tokyo Workshop Hanky-Panky Balls by Kazu Katayama , Described by Jon Racherbaumer
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
Knights of the Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin
Magic Castle Performance Schedule

Light from the Lamp

Books Reviewed by Eric Mead
  • The David Neighbors Project Volume 1 by Mark Tams
  • Discoveries and Deceptions by John Guastaferro
  • Bookends, The Hannibal Lecture by Hannibal

  • Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
  • The Truth from a Liar by Hannibal
  • The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers by Danny Orleans
  • EZ Add-a-Number by Nathan Kranzo
  • Streamlined by John Carey
  • Box Set by John Guastaferro
  • Gamble by Andi Gladwin

  • Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
  • Auto Spell Deck by Devin Knight
  • The Business by Romanos
  • Unshuffled by Anton James
  • Senses by Christopher Wiehl
  • In2Ition by Brian Schwenger
  • Cakes & Adders by "Tricky" Ricky McCleod & Gary Dunn
  • Smudged by John Horn
  • Breathe & Believe by David Oliver