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Look Sharp by Wayne Goodman - Trick

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"Wayne Goodman has come up with an idea I can guarantee will be used by magicians world-wide. You would be mad not to carry this!"
- Peter Nardi

Wayne's Look Sharp concept is simple but extremely ingenious. Imagine being able to turn a sharpie marker (something we all use) in to a chosen playing card, even in your spectators own hands. NOW THAT'S A REVELATION!

Wayne's Look Sharp gimmick contains 2 revelations. One is the full card revelation and the other a very sneaky revelation built in to the design. Look Sharp can be performed as a stand alone piece or part of a longer routine. Look Sharp even makes a perfect ending for a multiple card selection routine. Look Sharp Can even be performed with a signed card! Look Sharp is ideal for any performing situation.

Wayne Goodman's Look Sharp comes complete with two custom printed Look Sharp cards, A PDF file to make your own Look Sharp Cards and an instructional DVD covering complete routines, bonus tips and handlings.

Look Sharp is something you will really want in your arsenal.

This is what working professionals are saying...

"Please don't release this ... I don't want anyone else doing it."
- Doug McKenzie

"The best trick I've seen in years....Totally fooled me!"
- Graham Jolley

"Look Sharp is absolutely brilliant. I love performing it."
- Gary Jones

"Look out for Look Sharp, It's a simple, direct, commercial Routine with an ending that's so original the reactions have to be seen to be believed!"
- Lee Smith

"Talk about novel!!! Look Sharp is a great and very surprising novelty card revelation using a prop we all carry. Your audiences will not see this great revelation coming! I can see loads of creative uses for this appearing very soon. Highly recommended!"
- John Carey

*Supply your own Sharpie Marker
**Please note the TV rights to Look Sharp are held until July 2012