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Marc Spelmann DVD - The Initiated- #4, DVD

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  • In The Shadow Of Geller
    Marc Spelmanns unbelievable one handed coin bend that has fooled everyone who sees it, incredibly clean and best of all the coin slowly bends at the finger tips. Not just a reveal of a bent coin but the audience actually see it bend at which point it is fairly handed to the owner.

  • Just A Thought
    A shuffled deck of cards is openly spread for a spectator to just think of one, no forces of any kind. The thought of card is slowly divined and placed on the table for the dramatic revelation.

  • Out Of Sight Just In Your Mind
    Marc Spelmanns variation of the renowned classic by Dai Vernon, streamlined handling, minimal sleight of hand in probably the most direct mind reading card effect. Marc has made Dai Vernons classic effect easier and more accessible for all to do. No table required, no breaks held, just pure mind reading.

  • Business Confidential
    A stack of regular business cards are used to demonstrate psychometery and clarvoiance. A volunteer draws a simple image on any business card, it is then mixed and lost into the stack, the performer talks of the old mediums and how they could divine information from an object that is personalised. The business cards are slowly dealt until the performer thinks they have it
    at which point it is placed sight unseen under the spectators hand. Now the impossible happens as the performer duplicates the drawing down to the finest detail.

  • In The Shadow Of Banachek
    Marc pays homage to a modern master and inspiration with a direct easy to do visual coin bend that is ready to go in an instant, a reputation maker that creates a souvenir that will be kept for years. The audience see you with empty hand take a coin from a spectator. The coin is held in one hand only and the audience help create an energy at which point your hand is opened and the coin eerily bends at the finger tips, again it is cleanly handed back to the spectator.

  • Clearly Predictable
    A chosen hour is thought of, a card freely selected and an ESP symbol chosen. Three outcomes from hundreds of possible combinations all of which are clearly predicted in a single photograph in your wallet which has been in view from the start. Direct, strong and impossible for a lay audience to back track. "Another effect going straight into my intimate act."

  • Alls Fair
    A shuffled deck is randomly cut by a spectator who memorises the cut to card. The card is replaced and shuffled back into it's half of the deck. You ask one question and one question only as you spread the upper half of the deck "Is the mate of your card in this half?" At which point you name the memorised card. Remember, the deck is shuffled by a spectator at the
    beginning. They cut anywhere, even changing their mind if they choose yet you hit every time.

  • Shade
    A card is cut to and secretly remembered. Four other cards are introduced as red herrings, all five are placed on the table as you ask the volunteer to place his shadow over each card, after which you capture his shadow. You then run your hand over the cards and stop on his thought of card. A dramatic piece of simple yet astonishing mentalism.

  • N.A.M.D.
    This alone is worth the price of the DVD, it fooled me badly. Marc Spelmanns killer application with a regular Bicycle deck that he has held back for sometime, fooling all those who have seen him use it. The most invisible of its kind. Very easy to create and even easier to use. Best of all it costs you nothing to put together.